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​Anti-corrosion treatment

The conductor is most afraid of changes due to the influence of the environment, such as oxidation, vulcanization, etc., through the exclusive chemical treatment of the front electricity, its dynamic conductor can withstand the impact of extreme environments.
Verifiable items in the factory: constant temperature and humidity, high temperature and high humidity, seawater test, salt spray test

WAX Wax Treatment

The main purpose is to make the conductor less susceptible to oxidation by the environment. Due to the difference in conductor structure, WAX treatment will have different degrees of anti-corrosion effect.

WG processing

It is developed to improve the effectiveness of WAX wax treatment in different structures, and is usually used in conjunction with WAX wax treatment. Proven to pass the 96-hour salt spray test.

WJ processing

In response to customer needs, the special hardening wax for conductors developed for special needs models can improve the hardness and shape of the conductors.

WR processing

It is developed in response to the different needs of customers for tinning. It can effectively improve the tinning without affecting the anti-corrosion performance.

WT processing

A treatment designed to double the corrosion resistance for special structures. As an upgraded version of WG treatment, the anti-corrosion effect of WT treatment is about 20~30% of that of WG treatment.

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