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Lead wire is a proper noun for speaker parts, and plays a vital role in the speaker. It connects the [moving] and [non-moving] parts. As long as the lead wire is broken, the speaker will no longer be able to emit sound. It is regarded as a critical component by car manufacturers.

Connection Method

The connection methods for silk wire typically involve three ways of connecting to the terminal:

  1. Voice Coil

  2. Cone

  3. Damper

The first step in the design process is to understand details such as the method of connecting to the terminal, free-air length, the angle of the lead wire, amplitude, and the current it will handle.

Design Verification

The second step in the design is to verify that the design is as expected. Through the following tests unique to Frontline, Frontline can ensure that the proposed solution is feasible:

  • Current

  • Jump rope

  • Fatigue resistance

  • Weather resistance (salt water, high temperature and high humidity)

MicrosoftTeams-image (89).png

Weather Resistant

From the extremely hot desert outdoor broadcasters to the heavy-duty work equipment speakers in the freezing Antarctic, the front power has been tested under the most stringent test conditions to verify the reliability of the speaker wires to ensure that there will be no problem of disconnection.


AVAS low-speed pedestrian warning system 

Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, AVAS, is a regulation for pedestrian protection in various countries after the rise of electric vehicles in recent years. It is stipulated that electric vehicles must make sounds at low speeds to prevent pedestrians from not knowing the passing of vehicles. For AVAS, Qiandian has designed a one-stop brocade wire that has an insulating outer quilt and can be connected to the outside, which saves soldering time and reduces the number of engineering and parts used in the customer's process.


Non-Flammable Lead Wire

Non-flammable lead wire is a type of speaker wire developed by Maeden according to the actual needs of the market. Due to the fire incident caused by the loudspeaker as the ignition point in the market, Maeden has developed a variety of solutions in response to the needs of the car factory and the speaker factory. It can prevent the phenomenon of open fire.

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