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All raw materials are directly imported from Europe, the United States and Japan by Maeden, and then the metal is thinned through wire drawing processing. The thickness of the outer diameter is usually between Ø0.01mm~Ø0.1mm, from the ultra-fine round wire, it is rolled into copper foil.

Oxygen-free copper

OFC (Oxygen-free copper): refers to copper with a purity of more than 99.95%, an oxygen content of not more than 0.003%, and a total impurity content of not more than 0.05%. Only oxygen-free copper above 4N grade is used for the front power.

Tin copper alloy

Although the electrical conductivity is worse than that of oxygen-free copper, it has good strength and fatigue resistance, and is a good choice in the application field of dynamic conductors. Different from the commonly used tin-copper alloys in the market, through special treatment, the front electric tin-copper alloys have better bending resistance properties.

TA copper alloy

It is exclusively developed and used by Maeden, because its mechanical properties are between tin-copper alloy and silver-copper alloy. In addition to being an upgraded version of tin-copper alloy, it also gives your product a unique and unique rarity. Your competition is difficult to replicate easily.

silver copper alloy

It has the characteristics of high electrical conductivity, heat resistance, high strength, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. It has excellent mechanical properties in dynamic comprehensive performance. Relatively, the unit price is also high, and it is often used in products with high specification requirements.


Other special situation needs, such as graphene copper wire, graphene aluminum wire, single crystal copper wire, pure silver wire, soft copper wire (annealed), hard copper wire...etc., front electricity can be supplied.

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