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Tsun Chien Education Foundation

Origin - Social Care and Giving Back

The founders of the foundation, Mr. Ke Sunqi and Ms. Zhang Shuqing, have attached great importance to social issues, been enthusiastic about public welfare, and cared for disadvantaged groups for many years. I have seen many disadvantaged families suffer from poverty and helplessness due to the lack of materials for many years, which has also led to the inability of young people to complete their studies and their future is uncertain. So I invited friends to co-found this foundation in 101, hoping to help poor and disadvantaged families overcome difficulties and stand up again. He also looks forward to attracting more feedback and inviting good-hearted people to give play to the caring spirit of others who are hungry and drowning, and give back to Taiwanese society.

The foundation focuses on

1. Provide emergency assistance to vulnerable families.

2. Scholarships are provided for outstanding high school, university, and graduate students with difficult family backgrounds.

3. Hold a charity fair to raise funds every year.

4. Starting from 2017, it will provide charitable donations and material assistance to early childhood education in remote villages and outlying islands.

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