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​What role does fiber material play in dynamic conductors? 

Dynamic conductors have fiber material longitudinally arranged along the cable’s core. Fiber provides dynamic conductors with various features, including strength and elongation. It adds various features to dynamic conductors to help solve different problems. 

Through different weights, test the tensile force that the conductor can bear

What is aramid fiber? What is it used for?

Aramid fiber is also known as aromatic polyamide. They are a type of strong and heat-resistant synthetic fibers. Their molecules have relatively rigid polymer chains and strong hydrogen bonds. These characteristics make aramid fibers capable of effectively transferring mechanical stress.

Some general characteristics that make aramid fiber different from other synthetic fibers include:

  • High melting point of more than 500 degrees Celsius

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • High strength

Because of these properties, you can use aramid fiber to make armor, protective clothing like bullet proof vests and numerous other applications. In the 1970s, aramid fiber was first used to reinforce vehicle armor. You can also use them in constructing optical fiber cable systems and diaphragms in loudspeakers.

Para aramid fiber

Para aramid fiber is a high tenacity fiber that is used to manufacture safety equipment such as safety gloves. The fiber is abrasion resistant and has strong heat resistance. The equipment made from para aramid fiber also offers cut resistance.
A great example of a para aramid fiber is Technora by the company Teijin Aramid, and Kevlar by Dupont. Technora is great for situations that need chemical or high strength resistance. When you compare it to the physical attributes of steel, Technora has a better strength to weight ratio. The Kevlar para aramid has crystalline polymer chains that are long and rigid. It has similar properties to the Teijin Technora fiber. Some of the Kevlar para aramid’s characteristics are:

  • High cut resistance

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Low elongation to break

Meta aramid fiber

Meta aramid fiber is highly resistant to chemical degradation, temperature and abrasion. They do not ignite, melt or drip. This means it has incredible heat stability and electrical insulation. The fiber is characterized with radiation resistance and chemical stability.
Meta aramid fiber is flame retardant. When you expose it to fire, it will even stop burning on its own.Its also very resistant to a lot of solvents, lyes and acids. You can add anti-static components like steel and carbon fiber to allow it to resist static charging.

Manufacturing a meta aramid fiber is done by a process known as wet spinning. It is spun in a chemical solution to give you a semi-crystalline fiber with a molecular chain along its axis.
You can use meta aramid fiber to manufacture protective clothing. It is also used in electrical insulation and hot gas filtration.

Flame retardant fiber
Meta aramid (such as Nomex, Conex) is an aromatic polyamide, just like Kevlar. Its chemical bonds are configured in a zig-zag line. This makes it a lower tensile and modulus fiber, unlike Kevlar.

Meta aramid is super flexible and high in elongation. For this reason, it is perfect to use in the textile industry to make fabrics. On the other hand, conex meta aramid fibers are strong and have a high heat resistance. They have a significantly higher tensile strength compared to Nomex and are great if you are looking for more strength and technical advantage.

Some of the main features include:

  • Excellent heat and flame resistance

  • Self-extinguishing flame retardant properties

  • High chemical resistance

  • Low thermal shrinkage

Liquid Crystal Polymer
LCP fiber

Liquid crystal polymers (such as Zxion from KB Seiren and Vectran from Kuraray) have one of a kind structures and numerous processing benefits. They have high thermal stability and are great in electrical insulation. Liquid crystal polymer fiber is chemical resistant and has incredible weatherability.

The molecules of a liquid crystal polymer align in the direction of flow when they solidify. This makes the material self-reinforcing. It offers an optimized mechanical performance in the flow of molecules. The polymer typically has high stiffness and strength, and does not need fiber reinforcement. However, fiber is provided to reduce the anisotropy caused when the molecules align in long structures.

When you apply heat to a liquid crystal polymer, its viscosity lowers significantly. It can then be quickly  injected and molded. The polymer can be melt-spun into fiber and other uses. Some of these are electrical and electrical components such as chip carriers, fiber optic cable and printed circuit boards.

Zxion is a product of KBSeiren Limited. The company uses original technology to develop Zxion as a polyarylate fiber. Zxion has incredible tensile strength and elasticity. KB Seiren Limited uses unique technologies of fine-denier fiber spinning and composite fiber spinning. This greatly helps to reduce single filament fineness.

Another company with a great liquid crystal polymer fiber is Kuraray. They make VECTRAN, which is a high performance multifilament yarn. It is spun from liquid crystal polymer and the yarn is five times stronger than steel. 


Advantages of lcp material

  1. High strength and elasticity

  2. Chemical resistance - It is highly resistant to chemicals, especially acids.

  3. Heat resistance - The material has a good thermal index when heat is applied.

  4. Abrasion resistance - There is a high resistance of fiber-to-fiber abrasion. You will notice no wear when the wire is bent.

  5. Low moisture absorption - There  are no changes in tenacity and dimensions when the material gets wet.

  6. Dimensional stability- It is perfect for wire replacements since it undergoes almost no change. When heated, the thermal contraction is extremely low.

Exclusive fiber material - Maeden’s K series 

The Maeden K series is an in house invention made to fit speaker applications perfectly. It has great tensile strength and gives amazing fatigue resistance. Applications that use the K series are top notch and no other product can compete. The series includes:

  • KC

  • KF

  • KD

  • KA

Other fibers 

Fiberglass fiber: 
This is formed when you use glass fiber to reinforce plastic. The fibers are arranged randomly or woven into a glass cloth. They can also be flattened into a sheet known as a chopped strand mat.
Fiberglass is strong and durable. It is heat resistant and has been used in piping, construction and in making storage tanks.

PBO Fiber
PBO fiber is extremely strong. It was the first organic fiber with higher cross-sectional strength than both steel and carbon fiber. It has high elasticity and you can use it to make parachutes and protective gear.

This is also known as high-modulus polyethylene. The fiber has long chains and a high molecular mass. Having a longer chain means it can strengthen intermolecular interactions and transfer load to the polymer backbone more effectively. The fiber is resistant to chemicals and has a low moisture absorption rate. It is self-lubricating and thus resistant to friction.

PET(polyester) fiber
PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. This is the chemical name for polyester. PET fiber is strong and lightweight. The synthetic fiber has a high molecular weight and makes high strength plastic. You can treat it like any other thermoplastic.

PE Fiber
Polyethylene (PE) fiber is commonly used to make fabric for outdoor furniture. The manufactured fiber is made from polymerized polyethylene units. The fiber is usually a monofilament, but can be found as continuous filament yarns. You can also find it as staple fiber. You cannot use dye on PE fiber to add color.

There are quite many fibers in the world and Maeden has pretty much tried every type. Despite there are some not mentioned on the website, talk to Maeden, we shall tell you why. Perhaps it is not ideal, or it's our secret weapon.

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