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Social Responsibility Commitment

Since its establishment, MAEDEN Innovation Co., Ltd. has not only sought the greatest achievements in the professional wire manufacturing service industry, but also established good interactions with stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the society, actively fulfilled its corporate citizenship responsibilities and is committed to pursuing these principles into the future, aiming for lasting impact.

Implement corporate governance:

MAEDEN adheres to the principle of integrity management and integrity, and prohibits any form of improper behavior, improper interests and violations of fair competition.


Employee care and development:

MAEDEN complies with relevant laws and regulations and international human rights conventions, such as gender equality, the right to work, and the prohibition of discrimination.


Caring for the disadvantaged:

MAEDEN adheres to the core concept of fairness, justice, and a peaceful and contented life. Through the Zunqian Education Foundation; through scholarships, money, materials and manpower, it hopes to help disadvantaged students in remote areas to obtain diverse learning opportunities, and to provide necessary life assistance and emergency assistance for potential groups to build a good society.


Develop a sustainable environment:

MAEDEN follows relevant environmental laws and regulations and relevant international standards to properly protect the natural environment, and shall strive to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability in the implementation of operational activities and internal management.

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