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Showroom Secutiry Wire

The secutiry wire used in product display needs to withstand thousands of times of pulling, bending resistance, and the requirements for pulling force are extremely strict.The conductor used for the security wire of Maeden is a high-strength product, which can make the security wire more sturdy and not easy to break. In addition to conductors, fibers can also be used as fillers to increase the overall tensile strength of the security wire and prolong the life of the product.

High Bending & Pulling Resistance

The flex life of the Maeden's wire is about 50 times better than that of the general wire. This condition is achieved because the tinsel on the wire can fully demonstrate its inherent flexibility. The overall structure design of the wire can reduce and disperse the bending force during bending, and reduce the accumulation of metal fatigue at a single point. At the same time, the fibers in the wire will also provide high tensile strength and strength dispersion. Therefore, compared with ordinary traditional wires, tinsel wires are less likely to break due to metal fatigue or insufficient tensile strength.


Tinsel Wire Shielding Technology

Maeden uses the special characteristics of tinsel wire to develop an unbreakable tinsel wire shield to replace the copper wire shield. Its own structure will not affect the original softness of the wire, and the EMI performance is better than any traditional technology. The coverage can reach more than 90%, which can effectively protect against signal interference. Even when broken, the broken part of the tinsel will not puncture the inner wire insulation and cause a short circuit.



Maeden offers fillers of various strengths, denier numbers, grades, and fibers with special performance requirements. The fibers provided by Maeden are not only simple fillings, but can greatly improve the reliability of the wire.​

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