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The world's thinnest
(Tinsel Lead Wire / Tinsel Wire / Lead Wire)
Reliability Testing for Simulated User Scenarios
BENDING 彎曲測試,線材導體的可靠度、耐久度、壽命測試
Bend test


​(bend test/swing test)

 helps you to know how the wires behave when exposed to conditions like different temperature levels, pressure and moisture. When you do a bend test, you are trying to understand how our wires and cables perform when exposed to mechanical loads.

TWISTING 扭轉測試,線材導體的可靠度、耐久度、壽命測試



​(twist test)

also known as a torsion test. Turn our wires and cables along the axis. You can use the twist test to determine maximum torque, torsional shear stress, and the breaking angle.

CIRCLING 繞圈測試,線材導體的可靠度、耐久度、壽命測試



​ (twist test)

a conical test helps you to diagnose when movement like this, how long the wire can last until it breaks.

PULLING 拉力測試,線材導體的可靠度、耐久度、壽命測試


Pull test

​(tensile test/strength test)

measures how much tensile force can separate crimped terminals on wires. The test ensures the wire will not fail under a given amount of force. This test is also known as the tensile test as it tests for tensile strength.

PUSHING 推擠測試,線材導體的可靠度、耐久度、壽命測試


Push test

​(Squeeze Test)

this is done by applying a downward load onto our wires and cables. The load becomes destructive if it causes the wire to break. You can apply a non-destructive load to know the wire’s force threshold.



Fatigue test

​ (squeeze test)

When wires and cables face constant actions, especially in acoustic field, a fatigue test is necessary. These wires are prone to deformation and can be fatigued. Conducting a fatigue test can pre-know how reliable your products are. 

Core wire technology

Different wires are composed of various materials and components. Their parts, conduction and even functions are different when certain aspects are altered. Wire technology is dependent on various factors, including;

  • Metal wires: Most wires are made of metal because it is a good conductor of electricity. Metal is also readily available and affordable. However, if you are unable to find pure metal, alloys also work just as well.

  • Plating wires: Tin plating wires is done to improve conductivity, water resistance and to make soldering easier. Conductors that are tinned are more expensive and can last much longer than bare metal conductors

  • Fiber wires: Fiber-optic cables are made from thin fibers of plastic or glass. These fibers transmit information across long distances in the form of pulses of light.

  • Wire structure: some cables have very simple structures. Each wire and cable product has an insulation layer, the wire, a shielding and sheathing layer, tensile components and filling components.

  • Wire treatment: In wax treatment of wires, we apply a light coat of water-soluble wax or mineral oil to the surface of the wire. The coating helps to act as a lubricant and prevent corrosion.

  • Insulation: Insulated wires are protected against environmental factors. It also helps to resist electrical leakage from your wires.

  • Wire cutting: An EDM machine is used to cut using metallic wires using an electrode. The machine is programmed to cut out wires with precision.

  • Pre-tinned wires: these are wires covered with a layer of tin. The layer protects the copper core from oxidizing. It also makes the wire accept solder with minimal cleaning.

METAL 金屬,線材導體的各式金屬材質,如合金銅
PLATING 鍍層,導體外層的鍍層,增加對環境的抵擋,如抗氧化














Variations of applications

Our wires are used on a huge variety of different applications. Depending on the structure and technology, you can use our cables and wires in making speakers, mobile devices, in-ear monitors and more. You can also use them in medical appliances, robotic arms and in protective smart clothing.

前電的智能工廠擁有各項對環境的責任,如綠建築、ROHS、REACH、ISO 14001
- a wire manufacturer that provides fine quality dynamic conductors

Maeden Innovation Company Limited designs and manufactures tinsel wire for automotive, speakers and medical industries. Maeden provides superior quality, services and solutions to all your high performance needs. Maeden has its head office in NeiHu technology park in Taipei. Our factory is at LongTan Science Park in Taiwan, opens 24 hours 365 days. It is a subsidiary of a parent group known as The Maeden Group, which is a privately held company.

Currently, Maeden manufactures over 1000 models of tinsel wires, conductors and cables. We incorporate top notch construction methods and materials in all our processes. All the products we make are tested to ensure they can withstand various stressful conditions in the real world.

The wires you get from Maeden have a high flex-life, are strong and extremely durable. There is no real competition in the current market to what Maeden offers you. We allow you to test out our products against competitors so you can find new ways to use them.

We are determined to always have the wires you need. We have automatic soldering and cutting machines. These are helpful in providing precise pre-cut lengths consistently. The machines also help with tinning and we can insulate the wires according to your specifications. Having these machines at the factory greatly helps the assembling process. They also help to reduce and prevent cut losses.

Our technical professionals are trained at the Taiwan Industrial Technical Research Institute. We also have technicians from different academic institutions that come with specific expertise. At Maeden, we utilize the latest technology and material for textiles, conductors and machinery.

Headquarters @TAIPEI Neihu Science Park

Taiwan Factory @TAOYUAN Longtan Science Park

Branch Office @DONGGUAN
Wushigang Industrial Zone

Vietnam Factory@HAI DUONG
Luong Dien Industrial Park

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