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​In-ear monitor 

Professional monitoring headphones need to undergo hundreds or thousands of bending tests before leaving the factory, focusing on details and undistorted reproduction of the original sound.The design of the front power can meet the needs of extremely small outer diameter and low resistance of monitoring headphones, while maintaining flexibility and high fatigue resistance.

Very fine outer diameter & low resistance

In principle, the smaller the outer diameter of the conductor, the higher the resistance value, and the special technology of the front electric can make the outer diameter resistance lower at the same time. Designed for different needs of customers, it provides conductors with smaller outer diameter, lighter weight and lower impedance than general wires.

High bending resistance

The flex life of the front electric wire is about 50 times better than that of the general wire. This condition is achieved because the copper foil on the wire can fully demonstrate its inherent flexibility. The ultra-thin copper foil wire on the wire and the overall structure design of the wire can reduce and disperse the bending force during bending, and reduce the accumulation of metal fatigue at a single point.

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Professional technical custom service

Decades of conductor research has allowed the combination of copper foil and yarn to achieve a perfect ratio, and skilled manufacturing capabilities have brought customers stable wire product quality. From conductors, wires to wire assembly, we do our best to cooperate with each stage of the needs, expecting to provide a one-stop service to simplify the customer's work.

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