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Medical lead wire 

Medical wires need to have high manufacturing quality and cannot tolerate any errors in quality. They must pass various strict tests to ensure that the wires have the best flexibility, high fatigue resistance, bending resistance and no wear characteristics. To ensure medical performance.

Very fine outer diameter & low resistance

Generally speaking, conductors with smaller outer diameters usually have higher resistance values, and the professional technical team of Qiandian can improve the requirements in this regard. According to the different needs of customers, we provide conductors with smaller outer diameter, lighter weight and lower impedance than general wires.

​Front electric can develop and design special conductors with exclusive specifications according to the customer's outer diameter and resistance value requirements.

High bending resistance & fatigue resistance

The flex life of the front electric wire is about 50 times better than that of the general wire. This condition is achieved because the copper foil on the wire can fully demonstrate its inherent flexibility. The overall structure design of the wire can reduce and disperse the bending force during bending, and reduce the accumulation of metal fatigue at a single point. At the same time, the fibers in the wire will also provide high tensile strength and strength dispersion. Therefore, compared with ordinary traditional wires, copper foil wires are less likely to break due to metal fatigue or insufficient tensile strength.


The ECG cable wires provided by Frontline can be easily soldered directly on the ECG button without additional crimping, and can withstand at least 40 pounds of tension at the welding point between the conductor and the ECG button. Based on environmental protection considerations, we have designed the conductors themselves to withstand lead-free solder processing.  

Front Electric can design a dedicated lead according to your ECG cable needs.

EEG cable EEG

The outer diameter of the most representative EEG cable of the front electric is only 0.7mm, and the wire itself can withstand at least 8.8 pounds of tensile force under the fine outer diameter, while providing excellent flexibility and resistance to bending.  Silicone is added as the wire insulation cover, which provides an excellent soft touch for the wire as a whole, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the patient.

Flat Ribbon Medical Cable

Compared with other cable manufacturers, our flat ribbon cables have smaller conductor sizes, better bending force resistance and lower current resistance.

Other types of medical cables

Qiandian also provides the following types of wires for customized medical cables. If you have the following requirements, please contact us.

  • Carbon cable 

  • Sensor cable 

  • Endoscope cable 

  • Cable for portable or stationed biofeedback system 

  • Medical machinery cable 

  • Other medical wires

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