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Smart clothes

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We all know the basic functions of clothes. They keep us warm, and help us express ourselves.

But now, clothes can do more.

Some ideas for new apparel aim to protect people from harm. For instance, a new fabric coating is able to absorb and neutralize some chemical weapons, and that unique substance could be used to make a lightweight shield for people in war-torn countries.

Some of the new designs just make clothes more comfortable. For example, “Fabric embedded with nanowires” is able to reflect your body heat back onto your skin, you don’t need to layer up to stay warm. This design is especially useful for hikers, soldiers or others working in super cold conditions.

The future of fashion is not just about improving garments’ existing functions. Now, who said clothing can’t be functional? Maeden’s smart clothes use a unique conductor which can be perfectly embedded in textile. Stretchable conductors are able to bridge the gap between high technical performance and innovation of electronic functionalities. These touch-sensitive fabrics are designed with performance in mind and guarantee a long lasting durable experience. Go ahead, wear your smart clothes 24/7!

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